January 5, 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters,

††††††††††† We can hardly believe it is already 2011!How fast the time flies.Before we know it, our Lord will return!We want to encourage each of you to make it your goal this year to win as many souls for the Lordís Kingdom as possible.With this goal in mind we will be doing much more street evangelism here in Peru.We have already scheduled two teams to come help with evangelism and the Bible College students will make a trip to evangelize some pueblos near the coast in March.We must present the Gospel message far and wide this year.

††††††††††† Thank each of you for your support.Your prayers are changing lives, and of course, without the financial support we couldnít stay here.You are such a blessing.Thank you for giving to Godís work in Peru

††††††††††† In March, we will begin the pastor meetings again.These meetings are so important because through these monthly meetings we can reach most of the pastors in town.They have fellowship as well as a time for training, worship and prayer.We desperately need help with this project.Please consider sponsoring one of the 100 pastors for $5 a month.This covers the expenses involved in the meetings.For the price of one meal at McDonalds, you can help a pastor each month.If you are interested in sponsoring one or more pastors, please contact us by email or phone at (davisinperu@yahoo.com or 727-216-9617).

DSC09150.JPG††††††††††† We had such a wonderful Christmas again this year with the children from Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios orphanage here at the mission house. Once again they decorated the house, sang Christmas carols and Happy Birthday to Jesus, watched fireworks from our roof, ate a huge turkey dinner, birthday cake, opened presents and had a breakfast the following morning of bacon and pancakes we (Lew and Mariesa) cooked for them. We all had such a happy time.The children and Josť and Gloria would all like to thank those of you who helped make this Christmas one they will never forget.Sharing the love of Jesus with these precious ones who can now feel, some of them for the first time in their lives, safe and free from hunger brings a joy like nothing else can.

††††††††† God bless you for helping to get them off the street, out of harmís way, and into a Christian home with people who love them.

In His most perfect love,

Lew and Mariesa Davis